Thematic tours

Battle of Stalingrad

Volgograd Hero-city tour including Mamayev Kurgan visit - 3 hours. Museum- Panorama «Battle of Stalingrad» - 3 hours. Excursion to Kalach-on-Don town aiming the visit of the Two Fronts meeting site - 5 hours. Excursion to the collective memorial cemetery for the Wehrmacht soldiers in whereabouts of the settlement Rossoshka - 4 hours. Excursion at the settlement Peschanka and visit of the Memorial sign dedicated to the Austria soldiers, who died here during the Battle - 4 hours. Excursion to the Battle of Stalingrad fields – at the approaches to Stalingrad within a range of 100-120 km. - 6-7 hours. Meeting with the Russian veterans of the World War II. Demonstration of documentary and historical films of the Battle of Stalingrad.

Tours related to the Great Socialist Construction-sites

Visit to the Volga Hydro-power station - 4 hours. Visit to the Volga-Don Canal and its Museum - 4 hours.

Tours related to the history of our region

Museum of Local-lore visit - 2 hours. Museum of the Don Cossacks visit - 5 hours. The Museum-preserve of the Volga-Germans «Old Sarepta» - 4 hours. Trip along the territory of the former "Golden Horde" an Sarai-Berke town – 5 hours.

Recreation and leisure

Folklore concert (Cossack ensemble)- 1,5 hours. A boat trip along the Volga River, either on the boat or a yacht (from May to October) -1,5-4 hours. Fish-picnics - 5 hours. Visits to the distillery with tasting of its products-2 hours.

City tours

City tour with a visit to Mamayev Kurgan

Volgograd city tour with visits to memorial sites of the Battle of Stalingrad located in the central part of the city is dedicated to the Soviet soldiers, including «Mamayev Kurgan» memorial complex. Duration – 3 hours.

Excursion to the Museum-Panorama

The museum premises contain samples of weapons and ammunition of the Battle of Stalingrad times as well as the war trophies and souvenirs to the city- hero Stalingrad-Volgograd. Basic canvas of the Panorama designed by the Studio named after Grekov is about 2000 sq.m. It displays a one day of the Battle of Stalingrad, namely January 26, 1943 – the day when the 62nd Army joined the units of the Don Front. The Panorama Museum possesses more than 3500 exhibits, including the letters «from the pocket» written by the German soldiers. The tour lasts 3 hours.

Excursion to the northern part of the city of Volgograd

Excursion to the northern part of the city of Volgograd with a visit to the «German wedge», Mechetka, Tractor plant and Lyudnikov’s island. Duration – 3 hours.

Excursion to the first Lock of the Volga-Don shipping canal.

The tour lasts 4 hours. The first lock of the Volga-Don shipping canal is located in the southern part of the city of Volgograd (Krasnoarmeisky district) and is located at a 39 km distance from the city center. The canal is the largest hydraulic structure in Eurasia and binds the water highways of the country and Europe, Baltic, Caspian and Black Seas through the Rivers, the Volga and the Don. During excursion the tourists learn about the areas in the South of the city of Volgograd, the first lock to VDSC and visit the Museum dedicated to the history of the Enterprise.

Out-of-town Excursions:

The collective Memorial Cemetery of soldiers of the Wehrmacht, near the village of Rossoshka.

Rossoshka collective memorial cemetery for Wehrmacht soldiers, near the village of Rossoshka, where more than 49000Wehrmacht soldiers have been buried. The cemetery was opened in 1999. Excursion duration – 4 hours.

Memorial plaque

Memorial plaque to fallen Austrian soldiers in the area the settlement Peschanka.

Tour to the Battle of Stalingrad Fields

The tour to the Battle of Stalingrad fields, places of the most fierce fighting of 1943 through 1942. The trip takes 6 -7 hours and passes through the settlement Rossoshka defensive line on the outskirts of the city of Stalingrad (this line twice changed hands). Route length is 150 km. Travel is arranged on by an uncomfortable all-terrain bus. A packet lunch is provided. The tour includes the following settlements: Gumrak, Rossoshki with a visit to the collective memorial cemetery for German soldiers with a visit to the settlements of Dmytrivka, Karpovka, Pitomnik, Voroponovo and ends at the memorial plaque opened in memory of the fallen Austrian soldiers at the village of Peschanka. The route passes through the countryside where the roads are free of asphalt pavement (earth roads). The countryside has preserved landscape of military fortifications (bunkers, trenches). In these places you can still find parts of military equipment. This route is popular among people interested in the history of war, i.e. the professional soldiers or cadets and students of military academies.

Excursion to the Kalach district of the Volgograd region

The tour duration is from 7 to 10 hours. Objects of visits are: Maxim Gorky Station (s. Voroponovo), junction 2 Fronts site (s. Ilyevka), 13th Lock of the Volga-Don shipping Canal and the Museum of the Volga-Don Canal builders. During the trip the tourists will visit historic sites, will travel by boat along the Don River from sluicing automation, to meet with specialists in hydraulic engineering. The tour will conclude with the dinner and the folklore concert.

Excursion to the Volga Hydro-power Station

Продолжительность экскурсии 4 часа Duration of the excursion is 4 hours. The Volga HEPS is located in 20 km from the historic center of the city of Volgograd in its northern part. The Hydro-power station is the largest hydro-construction of Russia and provides electricity to Central and Western parts of the country. During tour the tourists acquaint with the northern part of the city of Volgograd, the Red October, the Barricades, the Tractor plants, the Mechetka River inscribed in the history of the Battle of Stalingrad thanks to the courage of the defenders of Stalingrad, the Hydro-power station and visit the town of Volzhsky founded by the Volga HEPS builders.

Ethnographic Excursions

Museum of the Cossacks everyday life

On the territory of the Volgograd region between the Volga and the Don Rivers until the year 1920 was located the territory of the Great-Don Army. History of the Cossack settlements and culture begins with the 15th century. The inhabitants of these places so far have kept elements of the culture and lifestyle of their ancestors. The tour includes visit the Ethnographic Museum of Cossack everyday of life and the participation of Folk-lore band "Cossack kuren". Tourists will see a theatrical welcome, make a tour to the Cossacks’ Manor, listen to the folk-lore concert with the «consecration» to the Cossacks. The tour will conclude with dinner of the Russian cuisine. Entire tour takes approximately 8 hours, including 2,5 hours travel time.

The Volga Germans

The Museum is located in 40 km from the center of Volgograd and consists of an architectural and historical complex of buildings of German colonists of the 18th century. Currently, it is the cultural center of the Volga Germans. In 1762 according to Manifesto of Empress Catherine II in the area of Tsaritsyno town were granted lands for the settlement of immigrants from Germany. By 1917 the German colony was located on the territory of the Tsaritsyn and Saratov provinces (gubernii) along the Volga River. In 1917 part of the colonists left for Europe, during the World War II their descendants were deported to Central Asia, and currently their compact settlement are located on the territory of the region. The trip may be of interest to descendants of the Volga Germans compactly settled in the United States, Canada, Australia and Latin America ... Tour duration is 4 hours.

Tsarevo - Saray Berke – the town of the Golden Horde

Tsarevo is the town of Saray Berke. From 13th to 15th century on the territory of South-Eastern Europe and Central Asia was under the most powerful State the «Golden Horde». One of its centers was the town of Saray Berke situated in a 86 km distance from the modern city of Volgograd, on the Akhtuba River. Neither time nor people have saved monuments of material culture. On the territory of Tsarevo the archaeological excavations are carried out. The main exhibits are available at the Volgograd Museum of Local Lore, some of them are regularly exhibited in the best museums of the world. 5-hour excursion and a visit to the Museum may be interesting to fans of history, orientalists and lovers of the exotics.
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